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Triking Get Together 2013

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:08 pm
by bobsmith49a
Following the success of the New Forest meeting in May I took it on myself to provide a write up of the event. This can be seen under the "Events" section on the site homepage. I am hoping that it will inspire more Triking owners to join us next year.

Meanwhile for 2013 I am proposing the North Norfolk coast as the venue at about the same time of year (May 17/18/19). I think that I have identified a suitable hotel for our base and there are numerous attractions we can use to define our runs for the weekend. Once I have confirmed the hotel I will post the detail under this topic. Meanwhile it would be useful if those wishing to come along next year could contact me via private message so I can have a rough idea of numbers. Look forward to hearing from you.


Re: Triking Get Together 2013

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:40 am
by bobsmith49a
Morning chaps
I have managed to find a suitable Guest House for the 2013 Triking get together. The location is in Cromer and is in a pleasant location in the town but off the main road. Parking is very secure as the driveway to the house is through trees and not visible from the road. The accommodation sleeps 23 but it also has a number of self catering cottages in the grounds which we can also use if needed. I have booked the entire Guest House for May 17 and 18 for the total of £750 per night, so if we have say 11 cars it works out at £68 per car per night, or £34 per person assuming two per car. If we want an evening meal on the Sat then it would be another £20 each. These are based on 2012 prices. The website to view the accommodation is The accommodation has 2x family doubles, 5 doubles, 2 twins and 1 single. The cottages can accommodate doubles and singles.

I would like to finalise the accommodation by early Jan if possible as I shall be out of the country for 80 days from Jan 6th! The Guest House will be waiting for individuals in the group to contact them direct to book their individual accommodation requirements: just mention to them that you are part of the Triking Get Together. Hopefully this all makes sense. All we need to do now is rustle up a few more Trikings for the event. I am hoping that we can get 11 or 12 this time. We currently have 7.

Re: Triking Get Together 2013

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:44 am
by bobsmith49a
Hi everyone.
With the weather drawing in I thought it time to cheer everyone up with a reminder about the 2013 get together on May 17/18/19. The itinerary is currently as follows.

Friday 17 May. Assemble late afternoon/early evening at the Grove Hotel ( followed by a light supper at the Cromer Tennis Club (5 mins walk away).

Sat 18 May. Short drive to the North Norfolk Steam Railway ( at Weybourne where we will be provided with a look around the engine sheds – for those who like their engineering on the large side! Can also have a look around the station as well.
This would be followed by 30 min drive to Blickling Hall ( where I hope we can park up on the gravel in front of the house. We should be here over lunch so we can have a look around the Hall and a nibble at the same time.
We can then drive 20 mins to Sheringham where we can look around the local museum ( and sample the delights of a traditional english seaside town.
Finally we can then take the short drive back to the Grove Guest House at Cromer for an evening meal either here or another restaurant in walking distance.

Sunday 19 May. For those who wish I can organise a short drive through the North Norfolk countryside to a range of attractions t.b.a
Hope this sounds o.k for everyone; it sounds a lot but the driving should be fairly short between venues but through lovely countryside.
Please don’t forget to contact the Grove Guest House to reserve your accommodation and please remind them that you are part of the Triking booking.

Hope this cheers everyone up. I am now off to the sun for a few weeks in a couple of weeks time!
Regards, Bob